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Here is a list of types of kisses men love It’s a little more sensual than the cheek kiss. Aim for a kiss right on his jawline to ..

Whether you just started dating someone new or you’ve been together for years, switching up your kissing technique is always fun. We’ve compiled a list of some fun ways you can surprise your partner while you’re saying hello or during a make out session.

Read through some of these techniques for the next time you see your boo.

1.Forehead kiss

Types of kisses

It’s adorable and will make him feel cared for. Gently grab his head in between your hands and pull his forehead toward your lips. A light smooch on the forehead isn’t super sexy, but it will show him that you like him (or love him) a lot.

If you’re taller than him, a kiss on the top of the head is good too!

2.Kiss on the cheek

Give him a sweet greeting out in public. If you’re in an area where PDA is discouraged (dinner with the parents, perhaps?) you might want to show him affection without going overboard. A light peck on the cheek is a sweet way to say hello or gauge romantic attraction when you’re out and about.

In some cultures, a kiss on the cheek is a standard greeting for everyone, romantic interest or not.

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3.Butterfly kiss

Get intimate without using your lips. Get up close to his face and gently flutter your eyelashes against his skin. It will feel like butterfly wings tickling his face, and he’ll probably love it!

This kiss is a great way to create a romantic, special moment.

4. Jawline kiss

It’s a little more sensual than the cheek kiss. Aim for a kiss right on his jawline to give him butterflies. It’s not quite a neck kiss, but it’s not a friendly peck on the cheek, either.

It also draws attention to his strong jawline, which is always a win.

5. Shoulder kiss

Show him some affection without going overboard. If you walk up behind him and he’s occupied, lean down and give him a quick peck on the shoulder. It’s a sweet way to say hello without expecting anything in return.

6. Nose kiss

Say hello in a cute, sweet way. Walk up to him and gently rub your nose back and forth over his nose. With any luck, this kiss will make him blush and giggle![6]

This kiss is also called an Eskimo kiss.

7. Wrist kiss

It’s intimate in an unexpected way. Grab his hand and pull the inside of his wrist up to your mouth. Gently kiss the soft underside of his wrist where the blood flows to make him feel super good.[7]

This is also a kiss you can do in public to get things going even before you go home.

8. Light peck

It’s a good kiss for the first date. Lean in and gently pucker your lips, then lightly tap your mouth onto his. Don’t linger for more than a few seconds, and pull back to gauge his reaction.

If you’ve been seeing each other for a while, a light peck is also a nice way to say hello or goodbye.

9. Lip kiss

It’s the sensual version of a light peck. Lean in and kiss his bottom lip while he kisses your top lip (or vice versa). The opposite placement of the mouths makes this kiss a bit more intimate and sexy.

This is a good kiss to use when you’re testing the waters on a second or third date.

10. French kiss

Also known as tongue kissing, this one is very sensual. As you get more into the kiss, gently part your lips and stick the tip of your tongue into his mouth. Wait to see if he reciprocates—if he does, you can follow his lead on how much tongue he likes to use.

If he doesn’t open his mouth, he might not be down to French kiss yet. Just pull back and stick to pecking for now.

11. Nibble kiss

The key here is a gentle nibble that doesn’t actually hurt. When you’re making out, gently bite one of his lips or even the tip of his tongue. If he jumps back in shock, you might have bitten too hard! If he’s into it, though, you can sprinkle your new technique into future makeout sessions.

To make sure you don’t hurt him, gently bite down with the tip of your two front teeth. Avoid chomping or actually biting, since that could seriously harm his mouth.

12. Kiss on the neck

When things are getting steamy, move away from his mouth. Kiss along his jawline, his neck, and just above his shoulders to take things to the next level. If he’s still wearing a shirt, you could even pull the neckline down a little bit to kiss his chest, too.

Consent is key! If he seems uncomfortable with these types of kisses, pull away and reassess.

A kiss on the neck is a great way to build up the intimacy between you both.

13. Earlobe kiss

A light nibble on the earlobe can turn some people on. When you’re making out, reach over and give a little nibble to his earlobe. You could even lick it just slightly to give him some goosebumps.[13]

Not everyone likes this type of kiss, and that’s okay. If he’s not into it, just try something else next time.

types of kisses types of kisses types of kisses

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