Narok County Governor Samuel Tunai joins UDA

Deputy President William Ruto has welcomed a number of leaders from Narok County who have decamped to United Democratic Alliance under the Kenya Kwanza outfit.

Among them include the outgoing Narok County Governor Samuel Tunai who will now be seeking the county’s senatorial seat on a UDA party ticket during the August 9 polls.

Tunai has been the governor for two consecutive terms thus he is no longer eligible to defend the gubernatorial seat.

While welcoming Governor Tunai to his party, the Deputy President applauded him for his effort to unite various communities in the multi-ethnic county, during his two terms as the county boss.

Ruto also noted that Tunai has worked closely with the national government in a bid to bring development to the county.

“The national government has worked seamlessly with the county government under the leadership of Tunai on matters development from water to electricity to roads among others,” the DP said.

He also urged Narok residents to only support leaders who are not seeking to divide them along ethnic lines.

“Wasikubali uongozi ambao uko na nia ya kuwagawanya kwa misingi ya kikabila,” the DP added.

On his part, Tunai hailed the Deputy President as a visionary leader who will take Kenya to the next level if elected as the President of Kenya.

“Today is a great day as we have come together as leaders and as a people to say that you are the person to take Kenya to the next level,” Tunai said.

He also said that the Deputy President has the capability to unite all communities across Kenya and to ensure that they co-exist harmoniously.

“While our competitors are busy trying to divide us along ethnic lines we have been uniting our communities and everyone has a space in Narok,” he said.

Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba who was present, said that he was certain that it was only a matter of time before Tunai joined UDA.

“We have walked together with Tunai and I’m glad you have agreed to walk with the majority,” Khaemba said.

The leaders promised the DP at least 70 per cent of the votes from the region.

“We want you to get over 70 per cent of the presidential votes and also scoop the majority of leaders from this region,” he said.

Khaemba also pleaded with Ruto to assist in subsiding fertilizer prices once elected.

“We come from agricultural counties and we have a lot of issues as farmers given the high cost of farm inputs and as you know we are waiting for you to bring down the cost,” he said.

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