Raila Heads To Supreme Court To Challenge Ruto’s Win

Raila Odinga, who finished second in the presidential elections in Kenya, went to court to challenge the result, calling it “fraudulent”.

In a crushing 70-page legal argument, she states that there was a pre-planned attempt to change the outcome.According to the electoral commission, Odinga won 48.8% of the votes and lost to William Ruto’s 50.5%.An independent monitoring organization said the commission’s final result was in line with its own predictions.

However, four of the seven election commissioners refused to approve the result, arguing that the way the final results were counted was “opaque”.

The seven judges of the Supreme Court have 14 days to rule.Neither Mr. Ruto nor Mr. Chebukati responded to the allegations.After delivering the petition to the Supreme Court, Odinga claimed that the “corruption cartels” are undermining democracy, but he did not specify who he was referring to.

This was the 77-year-old’s fifth presidential race. Previously he was the opposition candidate, but this time he was supported by outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta. For the third consecutive time, he went to court to overturn a result.

In 2017, the veteran politician successfully contested the results of that year’s presidential election, which he lost to Kenyatta, and the Supreme Court ordered a rematch. The case revealed logistical problems in the way the results were collected.

However, in 2013, his challenge was rejected.This time around, the IEBC sought to make the election process as transparent as possible by publishing seat counts as soon as they were available.

The Independent Election Observation Group made its own assessment and said its estimates were consistent with those published by the Election Commission.

A week ago, just before the reading of the final results of the August 9 election, there were chaotic scenes at the national counting center.

Some of Mr Odinga’s political allies stormed the stage and scuffles ensued. Two electoral commissioners were injured and four others left the site to hold a press conference to denounce the result.

Despite this, Mr. Chebukati went ahead with the announcement and presented Mr. Ruto with the certificate confirming he was the winner.

The head of the electoral commission said he had defied threats to do his duty to announce the results according to the will of the people, while Mr Ruto hailed him as a “hero”.

Last week, Mr Ruto said he would respect the judicial process, which is part of the country’s election law.”I am a democrat. I believe in the rule of law. I respect our institutions,” he told reporters.

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