Swaziland King Orders Men To Marry 5 Wives Or Get Jailed

The King of Swaziland King Mswati III made a declaration which every other man in his country should adhere to or risk getting jailed.

The King who has many wives made a declaration in the country that says that men are required to marry at least five wives or simply go to jail.

The declaration purports that the government would pay for the marriage ceremonies and on top of that, the same government will also buy houses for them to help make this declaration as seamless and efficient as possible.

King Mswati III that any man or woman who opposes the decision “will face a life sentence”.

 Taiwan President, and Swaziland King Mswati III and some of his wives in 2018

Taiwan President, and Swaziland King Mswati III and some of his wives in 2018

The order that reportedly came from the King himself noted that there are way more women than men in Swaziland which he believes it’s a serious problem for a beautiful country that is known for having a lot of virgin women.

King Mswati’s declaration is meant to ensure that every single woman in the country gets a husband.

It’s believed that men taking more wives than four would help in making sure that every woman in Swaziland gets a husband.

It’s reported that this decision was also catapulted by the increasing number of virgins and the scarcity of men which is surprising but utterly true.

As it is, King Mswati is already playing his part because at the moment he has 25 children and 15 wives while his father before him had way more than 70 wives and over 150 children.


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