Brian Chira’s grandmother calls out Baba Talisha yet again, citing dis-respect

Brian Chira

Unsettled predicaments between Brian Chira’s grandmother & Tik-Toker Baba Talisha continue to heat up.

The public disagreement was expedited during a TikTok livestream featuring Chira’s grandmother alongside blogger Obidan Dela. During the broadcast, the grandmother accused Baba T of mismanaging the funds raised to support her family following Brian Chira’s passing.

Specifically, she alleged that Baba T and his alleged wife, Brenda Wanjiku, exerted undue control over the money and even confiscated her phone for a brief period after the funeral.

Responding to these accusations, Baba T vehemently denied any wrongdoing. He expressed his shock at the claims, asserting that Chira’s grandmother had been kept informed about the funds and could verify their transfer to her designated mobile money account. Baba T threatened legal action against the grandmother for defamation.

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Chira’s Grandma speaks

Upon seeing the paramount issue, Chira’s grandmother went ahead to call Baba T out, alongside his counterparts, stating that she feels dis-respected by the young people even though she has older kids than them.

”Baba T na mama T, naskia mkiongea ati mnajua sana mambo ya familia. Hio mambo ya familia muendelee kusema. Lakini wakenya wote wale wanajua mambo ya Chira, mimi nawachilia. Wachunguze kifo cha Brian Chira,” she started off.

Hawa wamenikosea heshima. Wananiongelesha kama watoto wao. Na mimi sina mtoto wa rika yao. Na wananisumbua hata silali, hata sikuli. Hawataki niongee na mtu mmoja ata wa Tik-Tok,” she concluded.

The situation highlights the delicate nature of handling financial contributions during times of grief and the importance of clear communication and transparency.

Brian Chira
Brian Chira

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