How Nigerian Pastor Predicted Ruto’s Victory

His prophecies are said to have given the president-elect spiritual guidance on how to approach the elections.

Primate Ayodele, a well-known Nigerian pastor and self-proclaimed Prophet, has revealed how he predicted President-elect William Ruto would defeat his former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.

INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church leader Ayodele explained that his prophecy provided Ruto with the political direction he needed.

The man of the cloth, who had been chastised for making false predictions, went on to say that he had received instructions from God, which he had made public for Ruto to consume.

His prophecies are said to have given the president-elect spiritual guidance on how to approach the elections.

Nigerian pastor and The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church Primate Elijah Ayodele.THE DAILY POST

“It was a difficult prophecy to make, but because Primate Ayodele is a true man of God who doesn’t speak unless God says so, He spoke ahead of time and gave some spiritual directions for William Ruto to secure his victory in the election,” said Oluwatossin Issac in a statement dated Monday, August 15.

Ayodele went on to say that it was a difficult prophecy because the factors did not favor the president-elect.

“Some of these factors made it impossible for the election to be predictable, and in fact, everyone who dared to predict the outcome projected Raila Odinga, given everything he had on his side,” Oluwatossin said.

The pastor – who had been cornered over some of his previous divinations which have never come to pass – added that the vision from God showed him that Raila was easily going to be floored without any interference from government agencies.

He had warned Ruto to guard his votes since he foresaw that he was going to be declared a winner in the first round of the polls.”Without rigging, William Ruto will become Kenya’s next president and will make the country better for the people.


Of paramount is that he should employ a new strategy and work more on Mount Kenya, the youth and women. “Ruto must follow up with the election closely because I see plans to rig the election. He must ensure he wins in the first round and, avoid court cases hanging around his victory.”

“The DP should follow these instructions and must be very radical on the day of the election because if he is not careful, he will be robbed of his win,” the pastor stated.

Presidential-elect William Ruto speaking to the press on Monday, August 15, 2022.COURTESY

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