Mungai Eve totally mad after netizens raise concerns about her boyfriend’s fertility

YouTuber Mungai Eve angrily slammed netizens who raised questions about her boyfriend’s fertility amid pressure to get pregnant.

The 22-year-old has been dealing with netizens ‘obsessed’ with her getting pregnant for a long time. Every time she posts on social media people must comment to inquire if she is already pregnant or ask her when she would be knocked up.

A troll who commented on Eve’s recent post on Instagram really rubbed her the wrong way after raising concerns about her boyfriend Director Trevor’s fertility.

Hata upost picha yako I don’t care… All I want to see is your belly to be pot size. All your friends have first borns na wewe uko hapa unajipost. Kama huyo Trevor hawezi kazi si uniambie,” the troll wrote.

Mungai Eve 

Eve angrily hit back at the troll, telling him to impregnate his wife and his people instead.

Wakenya surely nini hukuwa shida juu watu wamepata watoto you think you have any right to pressure me? Who are you again, remind me which role you play in my life if you feel pressured zalisha bibi yako na watu wenyu,” Mungai Eve wrote.

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