Netizens react to Diana Marua and KRG partying together

Krg & D were at a club and a video of them having fun together has gone viral. Diana Marua is married to singer Bahati


A video showing Diana Marua and KRG The Don partying together has elicited mixed reactions from social media users.

One video shows KRG and Marua dancing together with glasses of drinks on their hand as they had a good time.

In another video, Bahati joins them as they sang to KRG’s famous song ‘Mambo Imechemka.’


Fans were left with mixed reactions with some saying that KRG and Diana’s actions were disrepectful to her husband Bahati, others said there wasn’t anything cosy or alarming about two celebrities having fun together.


Here are netizen’s reactions;

Zafaranimasurai: If your wife holds another man and gives another man attention in the club it’s not the other man’s fault it’s your wife fault don’t blame KRG. For me my wife would never do such a thing when I am around with her. In front of me that’s disrespectful. I don’t care if it’s for fame or money my wife needs to respect me when am around. Also I will not hold or dance closely with another woman in front of my wife. Look please correct me if am wrong.

Badiahon.: True friends are normally and always the best investment of a lifetime, and at the same time money normalizes the abnormal to be normal..🙌

Cherry Mutheu: That’s not even cossy. He didn’t even touch her 😒😒

Nymaburathatsme: Imagine they are just enjoying themselves 😍 there’s nothing wrong there 😅

DKlaston: Mambo ya wasanii ni ngumu. Utapata nyinyi ndio mko na shida na wao wako tu Sawa ! 😂

Fokae: Only thing I hate about lame ass Kenyan celebrities like this is the fact that they clout chase… This wouldn’t be an issue if they all didn’t plan this, KRG and Bahati just chasing clout and playing games on y’all.

Dutchman254: you can’t be cozy with someone for that long if they don’t allow it…

Basillo:  pa comment section madem kama wote wamekataa there’s nothing cozy apo😂😂😂 aaaaaii🙌

Sheriff the don: She looked happy 😊. If she is happy everyone is happy

YCthedon: Nyinyi ndio munadhania hivyo watu wako tu sawa huku kwa ground😂😅

Iamchogenoreed: If a woman respects herself , then no man will disrespect her husband where the wife is concerned,. PERIODT.

Lexy Yung: Bro Nini unaambia bibi ya wenyewe kwa masikio😢


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