Protesters storm UDA offices in Kisumu, vandalise property

Protesters stormed and vandalized United Democratic Alliance (UDA) offices in Kisumu before getting away with several items.

Photos seen by Kafuraha Media show the sorry state of affairs at the offices. In one instance, firefighters are seen attempting to put out a fire on a car that was set ablaze outside the offices.

Eric Osenya, UDA’s chairman in Kisumu, said the protesters held them hostage.

UDA offices

He recalled that they locked themselves in the offices for a while and only managed to escape after the protesters dispersed to regroup. Shortly after they left, the protesters stormed in and destroyed property of an unknown value.

“When we got out, they came in and vandalized everything. They took all the computers, laptops, cameras, seats and curtains,” he stated.

The incident comes two weeks after the offices were unveiled by UDA Secretary-General Cleophas Malala.

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