Uhuru Kenyatta Dares William Ruto’s Gov’t to Arrest Him: “Come, I’m Not Scared”

“Don’t touch my mother” : Uhuru Kenyatta: Uhuru Kenyatta dares govt to arrest him

Nairobi – Former president Uhuru Kenyatta has dared President William Ruto to face him and leave his family out of their political differences.

Addressing journalists after his son Jomo’s residence was raided by police, an angry Uhuru called out Ruto’s administration for their recent actions.

“I’ve a situation where my son’s home is being raided. I ask myself what does this government want. If it wants me, the fact that I’ve been silent doesn’t mean I’m scared. Come for me. What has my mother have to do with anything? What does my children have to do with anything,” he said.


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