Casualties Reported After Accident Involving 3 Cars Occurred Along Nairobi-Nyeri Highway

Several Kenyans have been injured after an accident was reported at Kibirigwi, in Kirinyaga County on Tuesday evening April 16.

According to reports the accident involved three vehicles which collided leading to severe injuries and significant damages.

In photos circulating online, the three vehicles appeared to have collided head-on, shattering the windscreens, bonnet and other crucial parts.

This grisly accident involved two personal vehicles and a trailer. Preliminary investigation points towards the trailer being the cause of the accident on the busy highway.

It is however not established where anyone succumbed to the injuries or what caused the tragic accident.

According to some local residents, the road in Kibirigwi is slippery, especially during the rainy season currently experienced in most parts of the country.

Police officers and emergency service providers arrived at the scene to assess it and offer medical assistance to those injured.

This was among the accidents reported on Tuesday that resulted in fatalities and severe injuries.

Another accident including a Land Cruiser and a Trinity Bus was reported at Zambezi along the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway where one person was reported dead.

Police and residents at an accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on April 16, 2024 PHOTO KAGIA DAN

The two vehicles collided head-on resulting in the death of the Land Cruiser driver. The personal car was thrown to the edge of the road resulting in further damages.

Per the report, the Land Cruiser driver was in the wrong lane which led to his tragic death. His body was taken to the local morgue for an autopsy and preservation.

Following the accident, his vehicle was towed to clear the road for other motorists as police dispersed the huge crowd which had gathered.

The increase in road accidents in the country has led to an uproar among Kenyans who have urged drivers to observe traffic rules and traffic officers to arrest drivers on the wrong.

These accidents have also prompted the Ministry of Transport to introduce new measures to curb the accidents and also hold anyone responsible culpable.


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