Details Of 2 Billion ,27 Year Old Jet President Ruto is Using [PHOTOS]

The medium-sized plane was built in the Netherlands, and its cabin crew is reported to have received training abroad.

After taking over power from Uhuru Kenyatta, President William Ruto will be using a presidential plane Fokker 70 ER, christened Harambee One which is estimated to be worth over Ksh2 billion.

The Fokker 70 ER which is managed by the Kenya Airways was acquired back in 1995 to boost V VIP transport.

The airplane, which exudes grandeur and sophistication, can accommodate 72 to 85 passengers but has been modified and only carries a maximum of 26 people. Much of the cargo area is taken up by extra fuel tanks to increase its range.

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The medium-sized plane was built in the Netherlands, and its cabin crew is reported to have received training abroad.

The jet has two, rear mounted, Rolls-Royce Tay power plants each generating approximately 13,000 pounds of thrust. 

It has a speed of 845km per hour and a range of 3,410km.

The Harambee one is regarded as one of Africa’s most expensive presidential jets.

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The customized jet, which is described as an executive office with wings, has three roomy compartments with sliding partition doors for privacy. This is in addition to the VIP lounge, private office, luxury VIP lavatory, and high-speed internet.

It is unknown how long it can remain airborne, in contrast to the Air Force one, which can remain up in the air indefinitely. This is due to the fact that Air Force One can be refueled while in flight.

Late President Daniel Arap Moi was the first president to use the plane on January 26, 1996.

He was on his way to Uganda for an official function. Colonel James Gitahi was the first captain to fly the plane.


The plane is said to have a life span of 40 years; that is, it is supposed to make approximately 90,000 flights. 

President Ruto will be using the Fokker ER on international tours but when flying locally he will be using military choppers.

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