“Matiti ni zangu” Jackie Matubia hits back at trolls critiquing her ‘oversized t**s’

Jackie Matubia


Jackie Matubia has been making slow major moves as she moves up the ladder – now that she has turned her attention to building her career.

For a minute the mother of two seemed to focus on wallowing about her failed relationship; that somehow delayed her growth in the music scene – but not anymore now that she parted ways with her second baby daddy.

So far she has a new series dubbed ‘Toxic’ and with the script – a few believe it may be based on real life experience.

Thanks to the same series, Matubia landed herself an invite from Netflix – allowing her to mingle with other African stars at bridgertonza in South Africa.

However even with this new win – Jackie Matubia couldn’t stop herself from responding to critics picking on her outfit following her clevage.

Claps back

Well from the photos shared online, Jackie Matubia’s outfit appeared small – in that she may have forced herself into an attire that was meant for a smaller bodied person.

With this, the size of her breast area appeared too big – creating room for critics trolling her big bust.

However having been through so much and having allowed trolls to affect her everyday life in the past….clearly Jackie Matubia wasn’t about to let anyone mess with her mental health now that she was healed and is excelling in life.

Responding to the critics, Matubia through her Instagram clapped back in a post saying;

Weeh matiti zangu na wivu zinafanya mnafungua pseudo accounts. Peweni drip ya pressure because I applied the pressure the way it’s supposed! Adding; Na mungu akiamua ameamua. For the ones cheering me thank you so much nawalombotove.

Jackie Matubia responds to critics judging her big b*st. Screengrab/Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia responds to critics judging her big b*st. Screengrab/Jackie Matubia

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